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Friday, July 11, 2008


Starting Monday, my posting may become more sporadic than I'd like, as my wife is going into the hospital to have our second child. I'll be taking care of my family responsibilities for a couple of weeks before I return to the office full time. I hope to do my best to keep posting, but it's all dependent on sleep patterns and how cooperative my normally very cooperative two-year-old wants to be. So bear with me, and I'll be back to regular postings later this month.

In the meantime, enjoy this week's best posts from other blogs.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog is taking everyone to HR Summer School by posting a series of "Back-to-Basics" articles on the 3 toughest employment laws - the ADA, the FMLA, and the FLSA. This week's lesson - What Does the ADA Require?

The Connecticut Employment Law Blog touches on a topic that I've covered before, that the presence of absence of fair treatment has a lot to do with whether an employee will sue you. For my thoughts on this issue, take a look at The Golden Rule of Employment Relations.

The Workplace Privacy Counsel lets us know about Sidell v. Structured Settlement Investments, recently filed in Connecticut, which will decide the limits on an employer's access, using its own computer equipment, to an employee's e-mail stored in an employee's personal e-mail account.

Case in point, the ABA Journal brings us the story of Philadelphia television news anchor Larry Mendte, fired for installing key stroke monitoring software on a station computer, which enabled him to access the private email account of his co-anchor, Alycia Lane. has tons more on this bizarre story, including Lane's e-mailing of bikini photos of herself to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen, who is married, her subsequent termination for allegedly assaulting a New York City cop, and the wrongful discharge lawsuit she has filed.

Electronic Discovery Navigator predicts that the added mobile technology made necessary by telecommuting will present an electronic discovery nightmare.

The Workplace Prof Blog lists 5 lifestyle choices that could cost an employee his or her job.

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