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Friday, June 20, 2008

What I'm reading this week #36

We'll start this week's review with a couple of posts on firing employees. The Business of Management asks - is there ever a good time to fire someone? Meanwhile, The HR Capitalist gives us some tips on what to say to an employee after you make the termination decision.

Workplace Horizons gives us another update on the revamped ADA Restoration Act, and reports that a compromise is closer to being worked out.

The Word on Employment Law reminds us that fairness definitely matters when dealing with employees.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog (with a spiffy new design) talks about respectful workplace policies.

Finally, the Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog, as part of its series on resources for HR generalists, advises that it's a good idea to pay employees' final paychecks on time to avoid legal trouble.

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