Thursday, July 3, 2008

What I'm reading this week #38

I'm here a day early with this week's best from the blogosphere, starting with 2 posts from the New York Times' Shifting Careers series: Blogging About Layoffs, the Legal Implications, and Can Ex-Bosses Object When Ex-Employees Start Businesses?

The FLSA Blog has an interesting post on crisis planning for class action lawsuits.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog writes on a topic of the utmost importance to everyone this time of year - the office thermostat.

The Connecticut Employment Law Blog, meanwhile, reminds everyone of the important distinctions between hostile work environment and quid pro quo sex harassment claims.

The Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog opines that the Supreme Court's D.C. gun ban decision should have little impact on employers.

Finally, the Laconic Law Blog points everyone to the new I-9 form that employers must use beginning July 1. The only difference is its effective date; otherwise the form is unchanged.

Everyone have a fun and safe July 4th weekend, and I'll see everyone back on Monday.