Monday, June 23, 2008

Two new ways to search the blogosphere go live

It's easy to get lost in the blogosphere. There are thousands of lawyers publishing blogs, and new blawgs launch everyday, each elbowing each other for room in an increasingly more crowded market.

Two services have recently launched to help keep it all straight. LexMonitor strives to be a comprehensive database of every blawg. It's organized by category, author, and tags, and is updated as frequently as blogs update their feeds. It touts itself as "a free daily review of law blogs and journals highlighting prominent legal discussion and the lawyers and other professionals participating in this conversation." It launched last Friday, and on my initial review over the weekend, I have to say I'm impressed so far, in its organization, scope, and what it hopes to achieve. has been around a little longer. It thinks of itself as the “digital magazine rack” of the Internet. It imports the last five posts from the blogs it lists. It is not trying to catalogue every piece of information out there, but to provide a representative sample of the best of the blogosphere.

Because is more selective in its listings than LexMonitor, it may be a less intimidating starting point for those starting out searching legal blogs. LexMonitor, however, is an ambitious project, and has real potential to become the portal for those searching for up to the minute legal information.

Because I'm listed on both services, I'm happy to plug them both. It's because I think that they each offer something of real value that I'm also happy to recommend them.