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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crusader seeks to ban cursing - should businesses comply?

Jim O'Connor runs the Cuss Control Academy. He believes that America has developed an addiction to swearing that needs to be curbed. According to Jim: "Swearing can be rude, crude and offensive. It can reflect a bad attitude that hurts your image and your relationships. People might perceive you as an abrasive person who lacks character, maturity, intelligence, manners and emotional control." He suggests that instead of cursing, people use substitute words such as "balderdash" instead of "bullshit."

So, do companies need anti-cursing policies? No. But, businesses should not totally ignore foul language either. Instead, it should be treated like any other workplace behavior - dealt with when it offends co-workers, alienates customers, or reaches a level so extreme or outrageous that it may create a hostile environment.

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