Friday, March 7, 2008

What else I'm reading this week #21

It seems no matter where you turn these days, you just can't escape the presidential campaigns. John Phillips at The Word on Employment Law has been doing a great series on where the presidential candidates stand on various pieces of pending employment legislation and other labor and employment issues. I highly recommend checking out John's thorough posts if you want a sense of what a Clinton or Obama administration might look like to employers.

Childrens' lit is all the rage with bloggers lately. The HR Capitalist blames a Dr. Seuss book, I Am Not Going to Get Up Today, for the mess of FMLA intermittent leave.

Rush Nigut, better known as Rush on Business, draws some lessons from a case on deleted emails.

The Labor & Employment Law Blog gives some pointers on a topic I've touched on quite a bit, preventative and corrective actions for workplace harassment.

Finally, The Laconic Law Blog reports that the District of Columbia has approved legislation for mandatory paid sick leave. In all likelihood, we will see a similar measure, the Ohio Healthy Families Act, on the ballot in Ohio in November.