Friday, February 15, 2008

What else I'm reading this week #18

It's been a very busy week, and as usual, I'm here to bring you the best the employment law and HR blogosphere (or blawgosphere, if you prefer) offered this week.

To follow up on my post yesterday about office romances, Mark Toth at the Manpower Employment Blawg reports on a case finding that the perpetual ogling of the a female employee's chest could create a sexually hostile work environment — even in the absence of any physical contact, sexual propositions, racy remarks or other types of hallmark harassing behavior. Also take a look at George's Employment Blawg on the issue of workplace romances.

The Evil HR Lady shares her own thoughts on anti-fraternization policies, which not only prohibit workplace romances, but any type of non-work-related socializing with co-workers.

Teri Rasmussen, the Ohio Practical Business Law Counsel, posts her own thoughts on the business implications of Minor & Assoc. v. Martin, in which the Ohio Supreme Court held that retained memories are protected as trade secrets.

Both the Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog and the Connecticut Employment Law Blog (good luck Dan on your new job) have written this week on the issue of Employment Practices Liability Insurance. For more information on the pros and cons on EPLI coverage, take a look at Untangling Employment Practices Liability insurance.

The FMLA Blog has the most comprehensive review I've seen of the proposed new FMLA regulations.

BLR's HR Daily Advisor, which I recently added to my RSS reader, has two very thoughtful posts on retaliation: Retaliation: The Dumbest Thing Managers Do and Retaliation: 6 Steps to Prevent It.

Michael Fox's Jottings By An Employer's Lawyer comments on recent research on the benefit of arbitration agreements to employers.

Finally, John Phillips' Word on Employment Law draws some employment law conclusions from the dust up between Hillary Clinton and MSNBC.