Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The nation's focus turns to Cleveland (and lots of snow)

Presidential politics and employment law Today's snowstorm here in Cleveland notwithstanding, there will be a Democratic debate tonight. In honor of the debate, I suggest that anyone who has an interest on the candidates' position on labor and employment issues check out Presidential Politics – Predictions for the Workplace, by John Phillips. Even though the article was written almost two months ago, it's over-inclusive in its coverage of candidates. Because Senators Obama and Clinton have not changed their positions, the piece is as timely as to them as it was when is was written. Employment law issues have not gotten a lot of play in the campaign, and John's piece is the best primer on the subject I've come across.

There really is not all that much of a fundamental difference in the two candidates' positions on labor and employment law issues. If McCain (the presumptive Republican nominee) wins the general election, we can largely expect a maintenance of the status quo. If, however, either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton becomes our next POTUS, then it safe to assume that we will see some combination of the initiatives presented in the Civil Rights Act of 2008, the Fair Pay Restoration Act, the ADA Restoration Act, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and the Employee Free Choice Act. Just one more factor to consider as everyone goes to the polls on March 4 and in November.