Friday, January 11, 2008

What else I'm reading this week #13

Dan Schwartz of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog wins the prize for the 2 best posts of the week. Reductions in Force (RIF) Are Back; Are Employment Lawsuits (and MySpace Pages about Layoffs) Close Behind in 2008? comments that with our economy heading into a possible recession, and unemployment topping 5%, RIFs and age discrimination lawsuits will be a big trend this year. Using the Roger Clemens case as an example, Dan asks, Lie Detectors and the Workplace; Can Employers Force An Employee, Like Roger Clemens, To Take One?

The Legal Intelligencer, courtesy of, writes on the legal issues surrounding employee background checks, a topic I've touched on from time to time.

The Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog looks at whether companies can use customer preference in hiring and promotion decisions even if it may take race into consideration.

The Labor and Employment Law blog compares employee handbooks and policy manuals, and what should be included in each.

John Phillips at The Word on Employment Law has started another series, this time on a topic that should be of interest to all of my non-lawyer readers, avoiding employment lawsuits. Part I, Part II, and Part III are now available.

To end the week on a light note, hop over to Lowering the Bar and take their sexual harassment quiz.