Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Binghamton University considers adding a law school

You may wonder why a lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio, would care if Binghamton University (nee, the State University of New York at Binghamton) is thinking about opening a law school. I happened to have spent my formative years studying (and other things) in the gray, snowy hills of the Southern Tier. Comments to this news on the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog are not very positive, and repeatedly question whether there is a need for another law school. Let me suggest that BU has an opportunity to think outside the box and try something different with legal education in this country. Whether it's less of a focus on the Socratic method and more on practical lawyering skills, problem solving, and case studies, integrating actual legal practice into the required curriculum through a clinical and internship program integrated with the community, or something else entirely, Binghamton can set itself apart by starting from scratch with a new kind of legal education that gives students an alternative. I'm proud to be a Binghamton alum, and I am proud that it is thinking about branching out into my chosen profession. I hope it continues to make me proud by creating a first rate legal institution. Qualifying for March Madness this year would be nice too.
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