Friday, November 23, 2007

What else I'm reading this week #6

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'll be taking a much needed few days off, from both the hectic practice of law and the frantic blogging I've been doing. For everyone's holiday reading pleasure, another batch of worthy clicks:

Age Discrimination–Solutions, from The Word on Employment Law, providing some dead-on practical advice on how to guard against age claims.

Federal Judicial Center: Plaintiffs Doing Relatively Well in Federal Employment Discrimination Cases, from the Workplace Prof Blog, giving us the surprising statistic that only between 9-14% of employment cases are dismissed on a summary judgment in the federal court system.

Worker Uses Version Of "The Dog Ate My Homework", from Legal Juice, jumping over the pond to Ireland to give us the story of an employee awarded 1,000 euros after being terminated for falsely telling his employer he needed off from work to take his sister to the doctor.

Summary of ADA Restoration Act Senate hearing, from Workplace Horizons, reporting on the Senate hearings on legislation to strip away many pro-business protections from the ADA.

Sports and HR - What the Knicks Teach Us About Manager/Employee Friendships, from The HR Capitalist, drawing advice on how to deal with problem employees from the Isiah Thomas/Stephon Marbury debacle. Sexual Harassment Policy & Practice, from the Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog, following up on my earlier series of posts on best practices for sexual harassment policies and remedial actions.