Friday, November 2, 2007

What else I'm reading this week #3

Call Centers, No-Fault Attendance Policies and Making It Rain EEOC Charges..., from the HR Capitalist, discussing the unlikely effect of consistent treatment on a charge of discrimination.

Supreme Court to Rule on Issues Affecting Age Discrimination Claims, from the New York Employment Lawyer Blog, reporting on next week's oral argument on the issue of whether an EEOC intake questionnaire constitutes a "charge" of discrimination (more on this case next week).

Scary Halloween Story to Employers: Retaliation Case Award of $5.5M, from The ABA Journal, reporting on the multi-million dollar verdict in a harassment and retaliation case.

Trick Or Treat Training (Or How to Train for Terminations), from the Evil HR Lady, analogizing advice to children for safe trick-or-treating to advice to managers and supervisors for safe terminations.

Google Trial Shows Danger of "Ageist" Remarks, from the Manpower Employment Blawg, reporting on the dismissal of age discrimination case against Google being reversed by the appellate court and sent back for trial, in large part because of ageist comments.

The Interviewing and Hiring Process: Five Things every HR Generalist should know, from the Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog, giving some practical advice on interviewing and hiring.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't: "Fetal Injury at Work", from Overlawyered, discussing fetal injuries at work and protective employment policies. Compare that article, however, to Mandatory maternity leave does not qualify flight attendant for unemployment.

Overtime lawsuits for big auditing firm: Could it lead to problems for other firms?, from Sequence Inc. FRAUDfiles, picking up on the recent wave of wage and hour lawsuits, this time by auditors against public accounting firms.

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