Friday, October 12, 2007

What else I'm reading this week #1

Several worthwhile links to pass along to everyone on this Friday.

The HR Capitalist has an interesting post on the 27 hospital employees suspended for one month without pay for looking at George Clooney's medical records. He comments (and I concur) that companies gather a lot of medical information on employees, all of which is governed by HIPAA and the ADA. While everyone is doing that wage and hour audit I've been suggesting over the past couple of weeks, you might as well audit personnel and medical files to ensure that no medical information is contained in personnel files and that access to medical files is limited to a strict need to know basis.

The Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog has an informative post on the 5 things every HR generalist should know about the National Labor Relations Act.

Finally, on a topic near and dear to my heart, the Connecticut Employment Law Blog advises on appropriate blogging policies for your employees. If you are unaware of all of the ways your employees can have an on-line presence writing about your company, check out A Trial Lawyer's Guide To Social Networking Sites on the Deliberations Blog. It's a great introduction to blogging, social networking, and microblogging. The best way to control (to the best you can) your employees' off-work on-line activities is to have a clearly defined policy that outlines your business's expectations for on-line speech.

And Go Tribe!