Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I am not an anti-dentite!

John Jordan, D.D.S. v. Ohio Civil Rights Commission, out of Fayette County, would not have made my radar except for the fact that it is the second case in as many weeks to involve pretty egregious acts by a dentist. In this case, the OCRC awarded Teresa Smith, a dental assistant, $45,568 for being subjected to the following sexual harassment by the good dentist, all within the span of a few weeks:
  • Grabbing her from behind and pulling her towards him, on her second day of work.
  • Telling her that his wife was going on vacation and suggesting a rendezvous.
  • Describing the breeding habits of his horses in detail.
  • Suggesting that she needed a "sugar daddy."
  • Advising that several of his friends would "drop money" on her for sex.
  • Recounting that the prostitutes in Vegas hated when men took Viagra because it wore them out.
  • Relating to patients that she used to work in a strip club.
  • Telling her that he could not tell about her body type because he hadn't seen her naked.
  • Asking if he could show her nude photos.
  • After a patient commented that she was left-handed, recounting that left-handed people make better lovers.
Maybe the ADA should consider a session on sexual harassment training at its next annual meeting.