Monday, October 28, 2019

The 18th nominee for the “worst employer of 2019” is … the fecal loving fast-food manager

Kari Phillips did not feel well when she awoke prior to her shift at an Oregon City, Oregon, McDonald’s. She called the restaurant to request that someone cover her shift because of her stomach ailment, but a manager told her she had to come in, but would allow her to use the bathroom whenever needed.

According to Willamette Week, however, that’s not what happened once Phillips arrived at work.

Twice in the first few hours of her shift, Phillips says in [her law]suit, Phillips requested to use the restroom but was told to wait. The first time, Phillips made it to the restroom in time. The second time, Phillips says she was ordered to wait for 25 minutes after her request to take a break. She says she defecated in her pants while heading to the restroom. 
Another one of her managers, Elizabeth Arias, told Phillips she had to keep working. 
“As she returned [to work], she was met with management staring and laughing at her expense. After starting an interaction with a customer, plaintiff soon realized that she could not continue and she again requested to leave to go home and clean up,” the lawsuit reads. “Plaintiff was then pulled into Elizabeth Arias’ office where Arias yelled at plaintiff that she needed to return to work. […] Plaintiff offered to return to work after changing her pants but Elizabeth Arias refused.” 
Arias allegedly threatened Phillips that if she didn’t continue working, she would be fired. Phillips left the restaurant, upset. She was then fired.

And people wonder why I won’t eat fast food. 

If you refuse to allow a sick employee use the bathroom, force her to continue working after she poops her pants, and then fire her when she leaves, you might be the worst employer of 2019.