Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Employers, your awful stereotypes in job ads aren’t cute or clever, they’re offensive and illegal

"Meet H&N's newest assistant brewer," the Instagram post began. How nice, a brewery advertising its female-friendly work environment. 
"She always has a smile on her face and never talks back!"

Uh oh! That took quite the turn, and not for the better.

"JUST KIDDING," the post continues. "We are looking for an assistant brewer. Resumes can be sent to…"

This help-wanted ad came across my Twitter feed last week. It wasn't from the brewery's account. I discovered it via Ren Navarro, who owns and operates Beer Diversity. She copied it from offending brewery's Instagram before they could delete it, and now I'm borrowing it to make a point.

Telling the world in a job ad that your female employees are always smiling and never talk back isn't cute, clever, or funny. It's offensive and illegal. Please stop. 

Although on the positive side, at least prospective employees now know the type of work environment for which they'd be signing up and can avoid it like the plague.