Friday, November 5, 2021

WIRTW #603: the “Did anything happen yesterday?” edition

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 24 hours, you are well aware that OSHA released its vaccine-mandate emergency temporary standard. There are lots of resources that have since been published, including this website from OSHA itself. One of the best is this half-hour video in which the agency explains the nuts and bolts of the ETS.

Alternatively, you can just randomly pound on your keyboard and you'll end up on the website of an employment lawyer offering you his or her summary (me included).

Here are the best things I read online this past week that I think you should be reading, too.

A Swing and a Miss: Right to Conscience Objections to COVID-19 Vaccinations to Endure Until June 2022 — via Workplace Safety and Environmental Law Alert Blog

Task Force Issues New FAQs on COVID-19 Workplace Safety Guidance for Federal Contractors — via Workforce Bulletin

Dave Ramsey Still Sucks — via FRAUDfiles