Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Explaining the EEOC’s brand-new LGBTQ+ resources in three words

Yesterday, Bostock v. Clayton County—the Supreme Court decision which held that Title VII expressly covers and protects gay and transgender employees—celebrated its one-year anniversary. 

To commemorate this event, the EEOC released new resources on the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity workplace rights. These materials include a new landing page that consolidates the EEOC's information on these issues and a new technical assistance document to help explain Bostock and the EEOC's positions on it.

As sure as I believe love is love, I'm sure every BigLaw firm will be publishing detailed summaries about this new technical assistance document. 

I can summarize it, however, in three short words.

Let people be.

Let them love whom they want to love, have sex with whom they want to have sex with, dress how they want to dress, use the pronouns they want to use, and use the bathroom they want to use. 

It's just this simple, and there is no need to make it any more complicated. If we just let people be, LGBTQ+ discrimination will be relegated to where it belongs … the dumpster of history.

* Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash