Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The 7th nominee for the “Worst Employer of 2021” is … the penny pincher

The law of every state I can think of requires that an employer timely provide a departed employee with his or her last paycheck. I know of no law that says how that final payment must be paid. There should be a law, however, that prohibits an employer from doing so by dumping a pile of oily pennies in someone's driveway.

That's exactly what happened to Andreas Flatens, who quit his job at A OK Walker Luxury Auto Shop because of the toxic work environment created by its owner, Miles Walker. He claims Walker then left his final paycheck of $1,000 (that's 100,000 pennies) in front of his home in pennies covered in some oily substance.

WGCL-TV spoke with Walker, who doesn't offer the most convincing denial. Given the conversation, it's also not hard to understand the alleged toxicity.
"May I ask you at all about the pennies? Do you know anything about them?" asked CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy.

"I know tons about it, what's wrong with it?" said Walker.

"So, you did drop the pennies over at that person's house?" asked Jamie.

"I don't know if I did that or not, I don't really remember," said Walker.

"You don't know if you did it or not?" asked Jamie.

"It doesn't matter he got paid, that's all that matters, he's a f*****g weenie for even bringing it up," said Walker.
If you pay an employee by dumping a huge pile of oily pennies in his driveway, and then slander him to the press when he complains about it, you might be the worst employer of 2021.