Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Coronavirus Update 3-17-2021: CDC allows large employers to establish vaccination sites

Yesterday, the CDC released guidance permitting large employers to establish temporary sites to vaccinate employees. 

The CDC says that employers should consider opting for an on-site vaccination program if they have a large number of employees with predictable schedules and enough space to set up a pop-up clinic while still allowing for COVID-appropriate social distancing. 

Employers should consider pushing employees to off-site vaccination clinics if they have a smaller number of employees, employees with flexible or non-predictable schedules, mobile employees who don't have one worksite, or employees who'd prefer not to have their employer administer their vaccine. 

Employers who choose to set up a vaccination site still must follow the EEOC's guidelines on managing vaccines under the ADA, Title VII, and GINA (which I summarized here).

Bravo to the CDC for implementing policies to encourage as many employees to get shots in their arms as quickly as possible. It's the only way we are going to stay ahead of the more contagious (and perhaps more deadly) variants and beat this pandemic. To this end, I highly recommend that you check out the CDC's COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit for Essential Workers, in addition to these 5 tips on building vaccine confidence in your workplace:

  1. Encourage your leaders to be vaccine champions. These leaders should reflect the diversity of the workforce. Invite them to share with staff their personal reasons for getting vaccinated and remind staff why it’s important to be vaccinated.
  2. Communicate transparently to all workers about vaccination. See Key Things to Know, Frequently Asked Questions, and Myths and Facts for up-to-date information.
  3. Create a communication plan. Share key messages with staff through breakroom posters, emails, and other channels. Emphasize the benefits of protecting themselves, their families, co-workers, and community. This fact sheet is available in numerous languages.
  4. Provide regular updates on topics like the benefits, safety, side effects, and effectiveness of vaccination; clearly communicate what is not known.
  5. Make visible the decision to get vaccinated and celebrate it! Provide stickers for workers to wear after vaccination and encourage them to post selfies on social media. 
Now please do your family, friends, coworkers, me, and society in general a huge favor and get vaccinated as soon as your state allows you to do so. We are all counting on you.

* Photo by Renee Elias on Unsplash