Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes your employees make porn at work

Employees lose their jobs for lots of reason.

Including (allegedly) filming porn at work.

From ABC 5 Cleveland:
Two Akron firefighters have been placed on leave amid allegations they created pornographic videos in one of the department’s fire stations.… City officials called the allegations “shocking and distressing.” … 
A firefighter found out about the pornographic videos, which were reported up the chain of command. 
Officials said the two firefighters are not assigned to the same station and “were known to be in a long-term relationship.” The two firefighters allegedly created the video and displayed it online, according to officials.… 
Akron Fire Chief Clarence Tucker spoke about the issue Monday afternoon and said the alleged actions of the pair do not represent the department or the high standards they hold their firefighters to.

Employment law is never dull. What’s the worst thing you ever caught an employee doing at work? Share, if you dare, in the comments below.

* Photo by Daan Mooij on Unsplash