Friday, June 3, 2016

WIRTW #415 (the “CB + TMR = 😊”) edition

That time you walked into Third Man Records before the Courtney Barnett show and ran into Courtney Barnett.

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My daughter leads a charmed life. As one friend put it, “She’s going to think she gets to meet the band at every show she goes to. When does Sir Paul come to town?”

On a serious note, it was truly special to Norah that CB took the time to speak to her on Tuesday. I hold my breath every time she meets one of her idols. Each meeting is an opportunity for her to learn (at the tender age of 10) about grace and humility in the face of fame (or otherwise), and CB certainly did not disappoint. Norah absolutely loved the concert, but meeting Courtney Barnett was the highlight of her trip (edging out spending time with dear ol’ dad).

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