Friday, May 13, 2016

WIRTW #412 (the “duet” edition)

Norah & Rhett, 11/2/14Those of you who’ve been readers for any length of time know of my love of all things Old 97’s. Well, they are back in town next Wednesday at the Beachland Ballroom. Look for Norah, my wife, and me right up in front of the stage.

In promoting the show, Rhett Miller, the band’s lead singer, gave an interview to Scene Magazine. What did Rhett say was his “favorite Cleveland memory”? Singing with Norah, of course.

I had a solo gig at the Music Box, which is a great room, and there and there was a sweet little girl who got up on stage and sang “Firefly,” a duet I do. She was so brave. It’s such a rare thing. It’s so dangerous to pull a stranger up on the stage particularly when it’s a little kid but she totally nailed it.

We forgive Rhett that time has dulled his memory of the song they actually sang (it was The New Kid). But that’s more than ok. How freakin’ cool is it for Norah that a bona fide rock star’s best memory is singing with her?

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[Photo by Kristie Brown Gripp]