Wednesday, October 14, 2015

John Oliver on OSHA (and a not-so-subtle shout-out to my firm’s new OSHA blog)

On this week’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver gives OSHA a pass on its slack investigations of North Dakota oil field accidents. He blames OSHA’s inactivity on its lack of resources coupled with the oil companies’ use of subcontracted employees.

You and I know that OSHA is not nearly as neutered as Mr. Oliver claims. Yet, Mr. Oliver's claim that OSHA’s underfunding is making our workplaces unsafe sounds awfully similar to OSHA’s own recent argument to Congress.

For more on these claims by OSHA, and what they mean to your workplace-safety compliance, head over to Meyers Roman's Ohio OSHA Law Blog, and read OSHA’s new reporting and inspection rules place greater emphasis on proactive safety compliance (and while you’re there, subscribe to its RSS feed or email list for updates from our OSHA blog as they are published).